Elemental Connectors Becomes ISANTA’s Newest Member

International Staple, Nail and Tool Association

Elemental Connectors specializes in the manufacturing of Galvanized Wire & Collated Nails for a broad variety of industrial applications, ranging from infrastructure, fencing, to housing construction industry. Established as the result of Investors, talented professionals coming together to plan, build and operate trustworthy systems for superior customer experience.

With its integrated manufacturing facility in Hyderabad India, Elemental Connectors strives for excellence in wire products, establishing a formidable presence in both domestic and international markets across North America as a true partner of choice.

For more information about Elemental Connectors, please visit their website https://elementalconnectors.com/

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P: 847.375.6454
E: [email protected]

International Staple, Nail and Tool Association