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Model Building Codes

Most localities do not write their own building codes. Localities usually adopt one of the building codes written and maintained by the International Code Council (ICC).

The predominant codes used are the International Building Code (IBC) or International Residential Code (IRC).  Pre-dating the IBC and IRC were the  BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI codes, which were consolidated by ICC several years ago.

These building codes are often referred to as “model building codes” because localities “model” their building code after one of these codes. They may adopt one of the codes verbatim or they might make changes. The IBC and IRC are reissued every 3 years with ongoing reviews and necessary updates between versions. The current versions available from ICC are the 2021 IBC and the 2021 IRC.

The model building codes contain prescriptive fastening schedules for framing. shear walls, horizontal diaphragms, roofing materials and decking.  The codes are used by architects and structural engineers when designing a wall or roof to resist or transfer forces such as those produced by wind or seismic activity. Other schedules tell how to fasten sheathing to roofs, walls, and floors.

To obtain a copy of the codes, please visit ICC's website

In ESR-1539, ISANTA also recognizes the importance of the Florida Building Code the California Building Code the City of Los Angeles Code with special supplements in the report.