International Staple, Nail, and Tool Association

ISANTA is an international organization of premier power fastening companies involved in the design, manufacturing, and sales of pneumatic and cordless power tools and the fasteners they drive.

About Us

ISANTA's membership consists of industry-leading companies and includes a board of directors that works with staff to set, monitor, and assist in accomplishing the goals of the association.


In 1966, a coalition of five manufacturing companies formed the Industrial Stapling Manufacturer's Institute, a forerunner to ISANTA.  ISANTA was officially incorporated in 1975 as the International Stapling and Nailing Technical Association when a small group of manufacturers, promoting the new and modern pneumatically driven power fastening systems, realized the need for common action and standards of practice, particularly in residential construction. In 1982, ISANTA became the International Staple, Nail, and Tool Association. To read a brief history on ISANTA, please Click Here.

Since its founding, membership has increased to include greater representation across the industry. Our members are manufacturers of tools and/or fasteners, serving industries such as

  • residential and commercial construction
  • remodeling
  • manufactured housing
  • furniture
  • vehicles
  • pallets and containers

ISANTA has proudly demonstrated its ability to represent and promote the ever-expanding market opportunities in this innovative industry. The association is committed to maintaining its leadership role in working proactively with government entities, voluntary code bodies, and standards developers to effectively meet the needs of its members and the industries they serve.

Latest News


Updated September 16, 2021


ISANTA 2021-2022 Board of Directors

ISANTA is pleased to announce the 2021-2022 Board of Directors

Stephanie Thompson- Chair Koki Holdings America Ltd
Steve Shennum- Vice Chair PrimeSource Building Products
Steve Karaga- Treasurer Oman Fasteners
Steve Moore ITW
David Shumate Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools
Brett McCutcheon Beck America
Matt Conner Techtronics Industries NA
Jerry Koontz Jaaco Corporation
Jason Kennedy Mid-Continent Steel & Wire


October 19, 2021


ESR-1539 was updated and published on October 18th. Shanghai Yueda Nail Company in now listed in the report with a wide portfolio of nails and staples. In addition, ESR-1539 has obtained a California Building Code (CBC) supplement.


August 25, 2021


ESR-1539 was updated and published on August 25. Multiple changes were made to the report with the addition of Guney Celik (Adana, Turkey) and National Nails (Grand Rapids, Michigan) as the two newest listees to have their products evaluated.


March 26, 2021


An updated version of ESR-1539 was released on March 26. The update is for compliance with the 2021 International Building Code (IBC), 2021 International Residential Code (IRC) and the 2020 Florida Building Code (FBC) and 2020 Florida Residential Code (FRC)


March 8, 2021


Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi SAS with headquarters in Ville D'Anaunia (TN) Italy joined ISANTA on March 5. Operating under the trade name GHEZZI Fastening Systems, Trafileria Punteria Ghezzi SAS provides nails, staples, brads and specialty tools to the market. For more information please go to the website www.ghezzichiodi.it/eng,