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ESR-1539 is the preferred resource used by code officials to verify that nails and staples comply with code requirements. ESR-1539 provides information about what code requirements or acceptance criteria were used to evaluate the products, how the products should be installed to meet the requirements, how to identify the products, and much more.

For more information on how to read ESR-1539, see these technical bulletins:

The following was presented at the March 2017 annual meeting of RICOWI Inc. (Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues) in Anaheim, CA:



ISANTA is active in aiding in the development of safety standards, and has its own safety standard, ANSI SNT-101-2015: Safety Requirements for Portable, Compressed-Air-Actuated, Fastener-Driving Tools. This standard contains safety requirements for tool manufacturers, tool purchasers, and tool operators and is intended to provide safeguards for persons and property from accidental hazards arising from the use of air-actuated fastening tools. It is also intended to assist government and other regulatory bodies in the development, promulgation, and enforcement of appropriate safety directives.

Users of the ISANTA website may view, print, download, or otherwise save copies of ANSI SNT-101-2015 for their own personal or internal business purposes. No other use, including reproduction, retransmission, editing, or distribution, by sale or otherwise, of this publication may be made without the prior written permission of ISANTA.