Make a Difference in the Field

Membership in ISANTA provides the opportunity to influence and develop codes and standards and to collaborate with peers in the industry.

Join & Benefits

Become a member and take advantage of the benefits that ISANTA has to offer.


ANSI and ISO Efforts for the Development of Standards Around Tool and Auxiliary Safety

ISANTA members not only have a say as part of the association for what is being proposed but also the advantage of working on meeting the standard before those not involved in the process.

Annual Renewal and Updates to the ESR-1539

ESR-1539 is the premier ESR with regard to nails and staples and is widely recognized and used by designers and code officials in the field. ISANTA membership allows for alternate products to be recognized for use in the codes.

ASTM F16 Committee for the Development of Standards for Fasteners and Chairman Position for the F16.05 Subcommittee for Driven Fasteners

ISANTA members help write and influence the standards and receive early knowledge of changes.

International Building Code Development Cycle Through Involvement with the International Codes Council, ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria Updates, and the American Wood Council Standards

By being actively involved, ISANTA can vote on, monitor, and report to the membership upcoming changes.

How to Join

Applying for membership with ISANTA is easy. Simply fill out the membership application and submit to ISANTA’s Technical Resources Manager, Rick Allen.* 

*Membership is subject to board approval.