Codes and Standards

Advancing Safety and Quality Standards

ISANTA maintains an active role in the development of various standards and codes.

    Codes and Standards

    From sponsorship of the ANSI Standard SNT-101: Safety Requirements for Portable, Compress-Air-Actuated, Fastener Driving Tools to active participation in the development and review of ISO-11148-13: 2017 Hand-held non-electric power tools - safety requirements - Part 13: Fastener driving tools and other ISO and ANSI safety standards, ISANTA is committed to the safe use of power-actuated driven fastener tools and the fasteners they drive.

    Maintenance of ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1539 supports industry products by broadening the limited fastening options characteristics of most building codes. ISANTA is committed to maintaining its leadership role in working proactively with governmental and voluntary code bodies to effectively meet the needs of its members and the industries they serve.